Jo and Jenny Graham




Jo and Jenny live in Osaka, Japan. Their eldest son is a research scientist in a Japanese university. Their second son is part of the management of a bilingual school in Osaka and along with his wife works closely with them in the ministry. Their daughter is a doctor in NZ preparing to go to Ethiopia to disciple unreached Mus1im nations.


Jo and Jenny’s passion is to help a new generation of young people, many sons and daughters, to make disciples of unreached ethnic groups, especially Mus1im nations. They work particularly in:

  • Mozambique, where they mentor the leaders of a church planting movement among a Mus1im ethnic group on the north coast, and work towards a greater transformation of that culture. From that particular ethnic group, discipling teams are going out to other nations.
  • A Turkic people group in Central Asia, which they call ‘Shulam’. The work is still at the early stage of praying for a breakthrough; a team is on site; in the next 10 years they expect to mobilize many workers, especially from Japan.
  • Japan: they are mentoring a young team catalyzing a new bilingual church, which focuses especially on children and their families. They are also mobilizing young Japanese to go into the nations, especially Central Asia, to make disciples.
  • New Zealand: they work closely with churches who are partnering with them in these tasks above, to mobilize young people.
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