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South Africa


Gavin and Marlien are currently based in Pretoria, South Africa and travel to various neighbouring countries including Zambia, Zimbabwe and Democratic Republic of Congo to teach, train and equip the body of Christ by teaching and training missionaries, church planters and church leaders. They have been involved in full time ministry since 1993. With Gavin coming from a construction background and Marlien being a registered nursing sister, they very quickly became involved in the practical side of ministry.

From 1994 until 1999 they coordinated a community development project north of Pretoria in South Africa. The project included: skills training, job creation, vegetable gardening, outreach to children, cell groups, community health worker training and a bi-weekly primary healthcare clinic.

Since 2000 they began working closely with the World Outreach International office in South Africa, as Gavin started to facilitate World Perspectives (World Mission) courses. This involvement increased until they moved to Zambia as Mission Partners with World Outreach International in 2003 where they helped to train and equip Zambian missionaries as well as teach local church leaders. Much of their time was spent on facilitating World Perspectives Courses, training missionaries as community health workers and equipping them to learn language and culture with the Brewster’s Language Acquisition Made Practical (LAMP) course.

Marlien trains missionaries to acquire new languages by making use of the Brewster’s LAMP course; she has also developed a Community Health Trainer course which is used to equip the missionaries or community leaders to address the third world health needs while creating a platform to share the Gospel.

Gavin has been facilitating the World Perspectives course until recently. He has also developed an exciting and fresh approach to missions training called God’s Vision – God’s Mission. This unique material is built around a simple and easily reproducible diagram with a strong biblical structure. Already the course has proven to be a useful tool for teaching the kingdom of God and is being used effectively in missions training and discipleship.

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