Chris & Nadine Brittain





Mission mobilisation- Australia and beyond

We’re back from 6 years in Kenya activating the church there to be strategically involved with God’s mission and now we’re keen to do more of the same here with the Australian church. As the National coordinators for Simply Mobilising Australia, we’re passionate to see every church and believer living life on mission with God. Our tools include Kairos, Youth Kairos, The Unfinished Story (Kairos Lite), Crossing Cultures etc (Check them out on the Simply Mobilising website)

In addition, we’re thrilled to be raising up other teams of mobilisers. Currently there are 13 teams scattered throughout Australia including all state capital cities. So we aim to visit, encourage, upskill and train in each team each year. Please pray for us in these endeavours!

Recently Chris has joined the New Nations team from Australia and NZ that are endeavouring to repeat this same process in Papua New Guinea.


Chris and Nadine were missionaries in the Solomon Islands. Chris was the Australian NSW Coordinator for the Kairos course (2003-2009) and in Kenya was the East Africa Kairos Course coordinator. Nadine’s background in Early Childhood Education and TEFL meant that she has had a variety of opportunities with training of teachers as well as teaching English and Bible storying to some Somali groups.


They have four adult children; who are living in Australia.

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