Baan Faa Mai Tribal Youth Centre – Thailand



The Baan Faa Mai Tribal Youth Centre provides an opportunity for tribal youth from poor remote mountain villages in Northern Thailand to live near a local government high school and therefore receive the opportunity to graduate from high school.

Baa Faa Mai Tribal Youth Centre has been established to give these precious youth a future with hope – a future with Christ.


We choose children from non-Christian villages, not only to reach these students, but also their families and villages for Christ, by working together with local church planters and pastors.

The immediate beneficiaries of this project are 65 poor youth per year (currently from the Karen and Lawa hill tribes) throughout their high school years.

Those also benefiting are the immediate and extended families of the students, their home village communities and the nation of Thailand in general. This occurs through provision of educated community leaders, teachers, agriculturalists, government officers and trades people after many of the students complete tertiary education or trade related training.


Mae Chaem town in north west Thailand.

Centrally located town within a large catchment area of poor hill tribe villages, most of which have either no High School in their area, or one which does not cater for students in their last 3 years of study.

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