Sharing Christ with Children from Least-Reached People Groups through Love and Empowerment

In many majority-world nations, more than 50% of the population is under the age of fifteen. WO Kids shares and brings the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to thousands of children in schools, communities, and churches each year.

Children are often the door that opens the way to reaching whole communities for Christ. WO Kids is committed to rescuing children from exploitation, vice, and destitution. These situations are common among the least-reached people groups in which our mission partners labour. 

One of WO Kids’ ministries, New Hope Boarding Home in Sanggau, Indonesia, provides care for 120 children between the ages of six and eighteen. These children live in a nurturing, loving, healthy, and safe environment. They are sent to nearby government schools to complete their education with the hope of a better future. Christ is shared in everything done in the boarding home where the children experience the tangible love of God, grow in their faith, and get an opportunity to develop their potential. 

Nomi, a student at New Hope, declared, “In my village, I lived with my uncle and aunt because my parents have already passed away. Living here is very different from living in the village. Here I can go to school and get educated.” Another student, Denak, has this to share, “I love staying in New Hope because it’s helping me a lot and I learn a lot. We hear the word of God. We do morning prayer and read the Bible.”

At Generation Bangladesh, kids’ outreach camps are regularly held to share the love and hope of Christ. Each camp welcomes between 50 and 200 kids, who learn about the salvation of Jesus in a loving and encouraging way. More than 70,000 decisions for Christ have been recorded from these camps over the years.  

WO Kids has oversight of more than forty such children’s ministries in many countries, which are impacting the lives of thousands of children. This would not be possible without faithful and generous supporters like you! 

So thank you for supporting the efforts in sharing Christ with children from least-reached people groups through love and empowerment. Help and partner with us to reach out to more of these children. A gift of US$30 per month will help us feed, care for, and educate a child. 

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