North Korea Life in Rason

A new North Korea emerging

NORTH KOREA, also known as ‘Eastern Jerusalem’, is a mysterious, nuclear-armed and impoverished nation that shut its door to the outside world at the end of Japanese colonialism.

When the Lord opens the door of a nation however, no man can shut it. In 2007, a team made a trip inside North Korea. We scaled the borders with silent prayer knowing that approximately 70, 000 Christians were imprisoned within.

I made another trip across the border again recently, on a specific intercessory assignment. I met with a ‘softer’ North Korea and was greeted with more smiles, open hearts and colour than I had been on my previous trip. I saw a glimmer of hope and a longing for a better tomorrow in the eyes of North Koreans and felt a shift in the timetable of God for this country. I invite you to partner with the Holy Spirit for such a time as NOW to bring deliverance and healing to North Korea. Contact us if you have a heart for this nation.


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