New Guys, New Day

One Way is our new church in Osaka, Japan. Slowly but surely we are seeing people come to Christ. Masaru was invited by a relative and gave his life to Christ on his first visit to church. Keiji is from a deeply occult background but from his research came to believe that Jesus was the truth, and found us through a mutual friend. Yutaro was invited by a colleague who is part of our church and decided to follow Christ. But discipling them is not simple! Masaru is the sole caregiver for an elderly and grumpy father. Keiji is deeply spiritual but struggles to do life with others. Yutaro has said the right words but is not quite awakened in his heart yet.
But in Japan, where the church is overwhelmingly old and female, these young men are signs of a new day. We pray for many more men in their teens and twenties who are called as shepherds and leaders for the harvest in Japan. And what is most encouraging is the newly awakened believers who have reaching out to these young men and discipling them. That is truly a new day!

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