Nations 2 2021 | COVID UPDATE

A big thank you from World Outreach!


With the funds received from generous supporters like yourselves, World Outreach has distributed close to US$100,000 of relief to affected missionaries and the communities they are reaching. God is moving in powerful ways in opening doors for the gospel to be preached through your giving.



“With funding received, we continue to reach out to families, widows and orphans trying to survive a food shortage crisis caused by the COVID-19 situation.”


“We have been able to pack and hand out 50 food parcels a week for 6 weeks. Each week God is doing new things. Resistant tribes are opening their hearts to our visits. An 80-year-old man was healed and able to sit and eat again after we prayed for him. This man and his family accepted the free gift of salvation as a result.”


Meet some people helped by our food distribution.

Mr P is an auto driver. Most of his earning has to be spent on his daughter, who has been ill and bedridden for more than a year. The lockdown has shut down all his means of earning.

Mr N is a church planter. He owns a small shop, but has to shut down his shop due to the lockdown. He has no alternate source of income and a family of five to feed.

Mdm S is a widow and a mother of two. Currently, she is unemployed due to the lockdown.

Miss T is an orphan living with two sisters and 5 other orphans in the same house.

Mr B is an orphan and the eldest of 7 boys. They had no food at all left in the house, were being harassed by the local police each time he tried to go out into the nearby village to try and look for work or aid to help feed his family.

*For security purposes, most images used on these pages are not of the actual people in the stories.


All these families are very grateful for the help they have received from WO.


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