Love Casts Out Fear

A couple years ago I was sharing my life testimony in a meeting. After the meeting was finished, a gentleman came up to me and introduced himself. He was from Baker Press. With great excitement he told me he wanted my life story to be written in a book and published! I was very surprised. How could this be happening? I felt I didn’t even deserve to have my story in a book and I tried several times to convince him this was not necessary. However God had His way and after negotiations were made, my life story was published! You can now find my book, Love Casts Out Fear, A Jihad Survivor’s Journey from Revenge to Redemption on Amazon. It is being sold around the globe! The whole world is hungry to hear the story of forgiveness and redemption. Thank you Jesus for making a way for my testimony, and your forgiveness, to be shared.

To read about this book and how to purchase it click here.

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