A Path Into Freedom

As the presentation of Pathways to the Nations began, we watched an image of a young woman walking on a path into nothingness. It got us laughing, but also realising a sad truth.

How many young people pursuing a passion for missions somehow get lost in the process? Some fade into the background; others completely disappear. Reasons for this include uncertainty of their future, pressures of the world, deficient guidance, unmet needs, and hurts picked up outside and more often inside ‘the church’. Their zeal and commitment, once displayed, fades into nothingness.

Why is that?

When God brought Israel out of slavery, leading them to Canaan, He blessed them as part of His promise to Abraham. To fulfil that promise, His faithfulness continued into future generations. They inherited freedom from oppression, which would enable them to bless nations. Instead they were afflicted by their enemies, suppressed and forced back into slavery from their own land.

And the Scriptures tell us why: the future generations forgot His deeds, and His ways were forsaken.

How is today any different?

Through God’s love and mercy He blesses His children like a perfect Father, bringing us from slavery into freedom. His desire is to bless the nations through us, but instead we get caught up in the things of this world bringing us back into a slavery mindset.

What can we do?

Firstly, let’s not forget! Remember His goodness, faithfulness, love and grace that we have experienced in our own lives. Only by this can we regain our hope and vision. Secondly, let’s not forsake His ways; rather, hold fast to His call and purposes for us with a heart that is fully sold out for Him.

God is a Father who never gives up. He constantly has in mind and consistently invests in the next generation – in YOU. Remember God’s working in you and never forsake the call of God over your life. You are loved, blessed and set free. Now let us love, bless and see nations set free for the glory of God.

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