The battle is real


Vijaya and Biswanth

In 1963, while working as a scientist in an atomic energy plant in India, Biswanth Chowdhuri was completely paralyzed after an occupational hazard that exposed him to lethal chemical fumes. He survived physically but was totally debilitated to the point that he could not even close his eyelids. He subsequently spent eight years being treated in various hospitals.

Through this experience, Biswanth came to a personal relationship with Jesus. His family were Hindu Brahmin. Upon hearing of their son’s new-found faith, his father – a state ruler, ostracized Biswanth, however his mother had a vision of Jesus and also became a believer.

Biswanth married Vijaya and after completing Bible School in Australia, they together established the Christian Discipleship Centre (CDC) in Bangladesh, equipping the nationals to become pastors and evangelists. Being wheelchair bound for 45 years did not prevent Biswanth from leading a thriving and effective ministry, sometimes being hurled out of his wheelchair being taken down precarious rural tracks, risking his own physical safety to minister to the physical and spiritual needs of others.

Biswanth went to be with the Lord in 2010, leaving behind three adult children and one grand-daughter. His wife Vijaya has taken over the main responsibility of running the CDC, and because of her desire to reach the unreached, continues to do this faithfully today. She has written this account, one of many amazing experiences in Biswanth’s ministry. 

“And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils…” (Mark 16:17)

When it comes to the devil, it is better to be safe than sorry.  That was what Biswanth learnt, when he woke up at the Bombay police station.

“Why I am here?” he asked the police, when he regained consciousness. They told him that the taxi he was in had been involved in an accident and the front of the taxi was badly damaged and had to be brought into the police compound. Miraculously, no one had been badly injured.  The police told him that another taxi had knocked down and killed a man, before veering and crashing into the front of the taxi that Bishu (Biswanth) was in.

Bishu’s taxi had been travelling on Bombay’s Marin drive road, where the normal speed was not less than 80km. The policeman said, “The amazing thing is that usually in such cases, the cars will pile up and crash into the back of your taxi, but somehow the taxi behind you changed lane and missed your taxi.”

“What do you call this ?” asks Bishu. “Except that the good Lord protects His children,” he laughed happily.

Earlier in the day, Bishu had gone to the Bombay Baptist church for the usual Wednesday prayer meeting. He was early and the caretaker opened the church to let him in. While he was waiting, he watched the people going about. He noticed two ladies heading towards the house of Pastor Rev. Lloyd Rains. Bishu knew that Rev. Lloyd was not in as he had gone out to visit a sick member of the congregation and they would soon look for the pastor in the church.

Soon enough, the two ladies came into the church, looking worried and unhappy. Bishu asked if he could be any help to them.

The older of the two ladies told Bishu that they had come to see the Pastor because Volga the younger lady was not feeling well. “She needs prayer,” the lady said.

Bishu sensed that it was not only a matter of Volga feeling unwell, but it was of the spiritual realm. “I could see in her eyes that somebody was staring at me and I became afraid. I turned my wheelchair around and moved aside. I thought I had better wait for the Pastor to return.”

The elderly lady however, came to Bishu and said that it was getting late. “Volga is really in trouble brother. Would you like to pray for her please?”

Bishu could not refuse this request so he steered his wheel chair around. Volga came near Bishu’s chair and knelt down.  Bishu started praying, closing his eyes and raising his hands over Volga in prayer, although at that time it was not the usual practice to do so culturally. He felt the Holy Spirit praying through him and rebuking the evil spirit in Volga.

Volga gave out a great scream and fell unconscious. The caretaker of the church ran out to get a bucket of water to pour on her! Volga got all wet and so did the church floor. Bishu opened his eyes and saw Volga sitting peacefully.

Volga asked, “Brother, do you think he has left me?” Bishu assured her, “Yes, he has left you but be careful and be on guard because he is a liar and he can come and deceive you again.”

Volga had been engaged in black magic.  After five years of married life, she had still not conceived and somebody suggested the help of a witch doctor. She conceived but her baby was sick and died.

Bishu had seen the amazing power of God in delivering Volga from the devil but he had forgotten what Pastor Lloyd had taught, to always ask for the protection of the Lord after rebuking Satan and his demons.

“It is obvious that the devil was furious that Volga had been delivered by the mighty power of Jesus name. Praise God that although the devil is real, his power is not greater than God. Whenever you cast out the devil, always ask protection upon yourself from our Almighty God,” Bishu emphasised. “We must be on our guard!”

“For He shall give His angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways.” (Psalm 91:11)

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