COVID Relief Report- South East Asia

Be encouraged by these accounts from the COVID Relief efforts being made in South East Asia.


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“We have been struggling for survival during the pandemic, in addition to sickness and the political situation in our country. Now that we have received funds and rice from the church, we are so grateful to those who help us.”






“We own a small business buying and selling rice, but since last year, our business has been declining because people come and purchase in credit due to the pandemic situation. We have a hard time surviving and feel so weary with the current political and economic situation in our country. We have received great help from you. God bless you all.”

“I have been jobless since the pandemic and have heard people like me are murmuring because of lack of food and health care. We are blessed by the help given by the church in the form of funds and rice bags. It is not only a great blessing but also a great testimony to our poor neighbours that God takes care of His children, because we plan to share with them what we have.”

“We were about to be kicked out from the house we are living in because we have not been able to pay our monthly rent. I have also tried to borrow money to feed our newborn child, but no one could lend me any. Unexpectedly we receive help from the church, providing rice and some funds. This has enabled us to pay for our rent and provide food for our family. It is a great testimony to my husband who is not yet a believer. God takes care of His children. He sees our tears and hears our cries.”

“As an old woman, with my brother, we have been struggling not only for food but also with rental payments. It is so great having this blessing from the church with funds and rice. God bless you.”

“It is such a great blessing what I receive from the church during this crisis. I have no job since last year and we rely on my younger sister who get a small salary from her work.”

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