Renewed Courage and Vision

Our last Leader of Leaders (LOL) training programme was conducted in Kenya and Ethiopia. We had a wonderful time as a team, witnessing God at work. In one seminar in Hawassa, our translator had to stop speaking for a time, because God was dealing with him while he translated. The Holy Spirit was ministering healing even as we taught.
Most encouraging was a pastor who drew me aside to speak privately to me. He told me that he had been intending to “flee the ministry”. The challenges were too hard and the cost too high. But, he said, God spoke to him during the week, encouraging him and giving him new strength. He finished by telling me, “I am returning to my people” to lead them and see the purpose of God fulfilled in their lives. That conversation filled me with great joy. Every pastor or leader who is filled with fresh courage and vision is worth any cost to see the purpose of God fulfilled!

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