In recent dialogue with some friends, the discussion included publicity we had seen inviting people to consider willing some of their estate to a noble cause. This is quite common. Over the years, ministries in World Outreach International have been greatly blessed from such bequests.
Does your windscreen fog up? Do you ever struggle to see the essentials and end up wasting time on lesser things?  We partner with a team in a limited-access country that is steeped in Buddhism. One of our team members is an indigenous missionary from an
A woman from Syria lives in a refugee camp in Lebanon. She went to the church for practical help, but she received much more. She felt comfort within her soul and sprit. She said, “Jesus is enough for me; I do not need to take
Leaders think differently than followers. To be a leader, we must think like a leader. The following is a quick list of twelve principles for developing a leadership mindset. 1. Accept and affirm the call to leadership. Be willing to accept the role and responsibilities without
Back in the 1950s, off the east coast of the US mainland, a naval submarine got into difficulties and sank. A Navy deep sea diver was deployed to assess the stricken vessel. Radio communication had been lost, but the trapped submariners were able to communicate
After several years of evangelism, I realised that Christians can do evangelism themselves, but there is a great need of training and teaching the right doctrines to leaders. We have been doing that for 35 years here in Soweto, South Africa. We are living in the
I wanted to do research on the factors that have led to the organic growth of the partnering movement in the southern Philippines. I hoped to record something for a new generation of partnering practitioners who are eager to learn from the experience of those
The power of the Holy Spirit is central to the ongoing work of mission today. With this short article, I hope to inspire you to deepen your dependence upon the Spirit in your mission work, whether locally or globally. On the Day of Pentecost, the Lord
In 2000 the Makua people were one of Africa’s largest least-reached groups, a people deeply bound by animism. As we went to live among the Makua in Northern Mozambique, we quickly discovered God’s Word would become the means through which he would reveal himself to
WOI has been around for over eighty-five years and there is strong collective wisdom in our leadership. I'm always amazed when I see my leaders set the example in mutual submission, care, and vulnerability. I'm proud to work with such people. Theologically, WOI's belief statement is