All Nations

We believe that the Great Commission is for all generations and that it provides different pathways for ministry involvement. A number of effective training programmes have been developed to better prepare people for cross-cultural service.

We are committed to raise up and partner with a new intercultural generation of younger workers by equipping them to effectively take the Good News to other unreached, near-neighbour communities, as well as to other regions of the world.

The idea of ‘sending countries’ (nations that send missionaries) and ‘receiving countries’ (nations traditionally regarded as the ‘mission field’) reflects a past era of mission. Today, vibrant churches exist in nearly every country of the world, as do the world’s remaining unreached people groups. World Outreach is mobilising the church for missions in over seventy nations in Africa, Asia, Europe, the South Pacific, and Latin America. We are dedicated to helping the church in all parts of the world become meaningfully and strategically involved in reaching the final frontiers of Christian mission.

How you can help?

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 All Nations Mobilisation Training Programmes

Didasko Academy

Didasko Academy offers free, online, video-based, inter-cultural ministry training, presenting an in-depth overview of the world of missions.

The Nations Course

The six-week Nations Course has been developed to equip new missionaries with tools to ensure their first term is successful and fruitful. The course is also valuable for missionaries already on the field.

Kairos Course

The Kairos course is a study of the purpose and plan of God from Genesis to the end of the age. It’s an exciting nine-lesson, interactive course that looks at our world from God’s perspective!