Mozambique Outreach 2018

Mozambique Outreach

23-30 November, 2018


This outreach will give you the opportunity to serve Jesus and minister cross-culturally while you are in the beautiful surroundings of Southern Mozambique. We believe discipleship is a lifestyle which you don’t turn on or off at certain times. Whether we are in a village, at a church, ministering at a school, or just having fun on the beach, we want to portray Jesus to a dying world that desperately needs Him! Our desire is to be filled to overflow with God’s love in our own lives so that it will flow sustainably and automatically to the people around us.


  • Village visits and street ministry will be a big part of evangelism, which means meeting new people and the opportunity to minister to people in a small group.
  • We will be privileged to join the Mozambican congregation as they worship Jesus in their Church services.
  • Children’s ministry through Bible stories, skits, dancing, singing, etc!

You will learn:

  • God’s Father heart towards the nations
  • How to overcome “cultural boundaries” in sharing the Gospel
  • How to use cultural “keys” to make the Gospel easily understandable.
  • ” The Story Telling Method”
  • How to communicate through a translator
  • Jesus wants to have fun with us!

What can I take away from this experience:

  • An insight into God’s unconditional love for the lost
  • Practical tools to communicate the Gospel
  • Lifestyle of discipleship

Cost: (ZAR) 2300-00.

Cost includes: Meals from the evening of the 23rd of November to the morning of the 30th of November. Transport from Potchefstroom (RSA) to Mozambique and back. Accommodation.

 *Not included: Airport pick-up and transfer from Johannesburg to Potchefstroom (RSA) and back, Visa and snack costs are not included.

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