Lombok Disaster Appeal


On Sunday 5th August, the Indonesian island of Lombok was struck by a magnitude 6.9 earthquake. Since then, there have been two other major quakes and 500 aftershocks.

Indonesian authorities have said that:

  • Over 300 people have been killed
  • Over 1,400 have been injured
  • Over 270,000 people are homeless or displaced
  • Over 68,000 homes are damaged or destroyed

Our mission partners on the ground report that people in the communities where they have been working on are living in makeshift shelters, are traumatised and are afraid to enter damaged areas because of aftershocks. Widespread job losses have occurred due to the collapse of tourism-related employment, and most now face homelessness, food disruption and no regular access to safe drinking water.

We have identified an urgent need for water filters, tarps, food, blankets and psychosocial support.

With your help, we are hoping to raise USD50,000 to provide much-needed assistance to communities across Lombok:

  • food and toiletry items for 60 families;
  • tarps & blankets to provide shelter for 60 families;
  • water filters to provide drinking water for 60 families;
  • activities to provide psychosocial support for 250 children

Your generosity can make a difference to those affected by the earthquakes!

  • USD30 will help provide food for a family for a week.
  • USD40 will provide shelter (a tarp and blankets) for a family of 4 that have been made homeless by the earthquake.
  • USD200 will enable us to buy a water filter that can supply clean water to an entire village.
  • USD500 will provide resources to support activities for 250 children
  • USD1,200 will help rebuild a home destroyed by the earthquake

The rebuilding & rehabilitation efforts will take much time, and your support will help us assist those affected by the earthquake. 

Thank you very much for helping!

May the Lord bless you.

Donate through your nearest country office or online below: