CHAENGWATTANA PROJECT | Making disciples in central Thailand


Joshua & Marlieke Krutmuang


Joshua has written the story of his life into a book entitled ‘Found’, referring to the parable of the lost sheep. The book describes how he grew up in a Buddhist family and was abused by his father, but how God already started working in his life from a young age and how his decision to follow Jesus completely changed his life. We distributed the books to the homeless, the poor, and youth in prison.


Inside every book we put a bookmark of Romans 8:14-15 as a reminder that we are children of God and with Him there is no need to be afraid. 


We also brought food and mosquito tents to the homeless, and snacks to the youth in prison.

Life boxes for 56 poor families:

  • 5000 face masks
  • 60 books about God’s work in Joshua’s life
  • 60 Bible text bookmarks
  • 750kg rice
  • 100L oil
  • 35L fish sauce
  • 1200 noodle sachets
  • 1500 eggs
  • 500 cans mackerel


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