Testimony | Children’s Ministry in COVID Times

Prayer for World Outreach’s field personnel is vital! Especially during COVID-19. 

We have received this beautiful encouragement from one one of our faithful frontline workers in Indonesia. We pray it may encourage you too!

”Before the official start of the new school year in July, we prepared for the children to all stay here again— be it for the schools to reopen or for learning at home.

To have the kids in the villages for an extended period and try to organise “home learning” for them there is just not practical, given the living conditions and family setups of many of them. So, study space and dormitories have been rearranged to separate the children into consistent groups for different activities.

We have church services according to age groups; and morning prayer in the dormitories. Nobody is allowed off the compound and sadly the children can have no visits from their families. It also remains open when the children will go back to school again.

Most of them seem to like learning here in the boarding home, but for our staff it means more work with 94 children on the compound 24/7.

Nevertheless, God is on the move! Our children at the boarding home love the movie “God’s not dead.” A student, through a series of debates and events, convinces many of his classmates of this fact, and even his atheist lecturer recovered his long-lost faith. One of the key statements, like a creed, that repeatedly occurs in the movie, is: ”God is good all the time and all the time God is good”.

That is God’s nature. For our children, for us and for you all, it is our hope and prayer that we will continue to rely on that reality – God is good –and therefore continue to entrust our lives into His loving hands. May He keep all of us safe, especially in these uncertain times.”

We pray you will be encouraged by these words, and pray with us for these children facing trials around the globe. Access to education can change the futures of these kids, and access to the Word of God can transform their lives.

Will you join us in seeking the Lord throughout November, to reveal His heart and plan for the coming Giving Tuesday?