20 Priorities for 2020 | #9 : Help Impoverished Communities

During March and April 2019, cyclones Idai and Kenneth caused widespread flooding and major devastation to central and northern Mozambique. Whole villages were flattened by the storms, while floods washed away the April harvest. With your support, World Outreach missionaries, together with local churches, have provided a much-
needed, three-phase relief effort to those affected.

01: Our relief efforts initially focused on providing emergency food supplies and make-shift shelters in areas that were overlooked by international aid agencies. For instance, in July, some of our missionaries in northern Mozambique were the first to hand out emergency supplies to an area suffering from terror attacks.

All in all, more than 3,000 families received emergency food supplies.

02: During the 2nd stage of our relief efforts, our missionaries have rebuilt homes. In central Mozambique, our missionaries provided homes to 20 families, while 150 homes are currently being built in another part of the country with financial assistance from a US relief agency.

03: Late-2019, we completed the third stage of our relief efforts. As the cyclones washed away the April crop, most farmers lack seeds for the December-February planting season. With the financial support from many generous people, our missionaries were able to: distribute seeds (e.g. corn, beans) to ensure food security, provide training & tools to increase crop yields, and distribute fruit trees (cashew, mango, citrus, coconut) to boost income of people in their areas.

For more information on how you can help in humanitarian crises, please click here.


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