20 Priorities for 2020 | #7 : Reach More Children Through Outreach Programs

Statistically, most people come to faith in Christ before they turn twenty. A flow-on effect is that they in turn often lead members of their family to their Saviour. The
fruit of children’s ministry is not only humanitarian and social, but true gospel multiplication. From West Africa comes the following story.

We praise God that more than 200 children came to our Kids Camp held in a village in July last year. The whole village participated during the camp. As the children played games, sang songs, memorised verses and studied God’s Word, their parents came and witnessed their joy.

We believe that through the children, we will be able to reach their families and the whole community. Because of the security situation here in Burkina Faso, we had to shorten the camp to three days. We, as missionaries, were advised to just come at the end. The village depended on rain to be able to farm and grow their crops. Rainy season has started but not in the village. We praise God because on the second day of the camp, it rained!

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