20 Priorities for 2020 | #6 : Mobilise People for Short-Term Missions and Exposure Trips

Another major priority in 2020 is to provide people opportunities to go on short-term missions trips. WO provides many options for you to be part of a team that either does hands-on ministry, be exposed to an unreached people group as part of a guided journey, or serve a bit longer as an intern.

Here is a testimony from a missions pastor, who recently organised a trip for some members of his church to visit some WO ministries in Thailand.

Our church has strong missions roots from being helped and supported by missionary leaders in the 1960’s and 1970’s. We want the church to continue to be mission-minded and see the importance of reaching outside of our city and country. To do this, we regularly had short-term missions trips to countries and ministries we support. However, it had been four years since we last coordinated a trip mainly because of the time and energy needed to organise and run one.

We have been partnering with World Outreach for a couple of years now and took the opportunity to be involved in what they are doing. We were given a few options to see which experience would suit our church and, in consultation, decided on the ‘Thailand – Missions in Action’ trip. This was a 10-day short-term missions trip last October that helped us understand and see firsthand the various ministries WO have in Bangkok.

We had a wonderful team guide, Pamela, who was from Sydney. She came to meet with our team and gave us a briefing a few weeks before leaving. It gave us a great opportunity to get to know and bond with each other, to go through the program and brainstorm ideas. Through that time together Pamela was able to see how to use the giftings of each of our team members. Through-out the whole trip Pamela’s wealth of experience and organisational skills enabled everything to run smoothly.

It was an amazing spiritual and cultural experience for each of our five team members. We visited and ran children’s programs; and we visited the Rahab Ministry, which supports and reaches out to the bar girls from the red-light district in Thailand. In Rahab, these young ladies can find a new life and direction in a practical and spiritual way. We visited and ministered in prisons and saw the work that Siam Care are doing with families inflicted by AIDS.

This short-term mission trip provided our church members a chance to personally participate in missions; have a greater perspective and vision for the world; an opportunity to bless and be blessed, and to impact and be impacted by the experience.

I would highly recommend partnering with WOF as we did because of their vast resources, their expertise, and their cultural understanding.

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