20 Priorities for 2020 | #4 : Plant More Churches and Church Planting Movements

Church planting is a proven, effective way of proclaiming the gospel and making lifelong disciples of Christ. Here is a short report from Jo & Jenny Graham after attending the 40th anniversary of a church they planted which has now itself grown and become the first of many within a movement.

“We recently attended the 40th anniversary of the network of churches we planted with a wonderful team in Sarawak, Malaysia, celebrating with our children in the faith through several generations. We thought back to when we first stepped out of the boat!

We had prayed together fervently for about three years and it was time to step out. We didn’t know what we were doing but our eyes were on the Lord. We got hilarious advice from one senior minister who really thought we were not capable of doing it. Another wise missionary told us why, for five good reasons that he listed out … “I know you think the Holy Spirit is leading you, but it cannot be done!”

We looked at the wind and the waves, but we knew the Lord was saying, “Come!” So we took the risk and stepped out! In spite of the dangers, we began to share the gospel in our target area, seizing opportunities, going through every hint of an open door. I would like to say ‘boldly’, but we really didn’t know what we were doing so we weren’t so bold. But we DID it! And God worked; people slowly but surely came to faith and we discipled them, developing our ‘Following Jesus’ curriculum as we did it. Churches were established and leaders raised up.

Two powerful keys for planting churches!
First, fervent, united prayer. Then, taking risks and stepping out of the boat to make disciples! “

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