20 Priorities for 2020 | #1 : To Honour and Glorify God

In the first two editions of Nations in 2020, we’re going to list World Outreach’s top 20 priorities for the year ahead and share some exciting stories to each one.

What motivates you?
What drives you?
Why do you do the things you do?
What have you identified as your priorities for 2020?

Our priorities are very important because they determine how we are living our lives and what we give our time and attention to.

First and foremost, our compelling motivation in all we do in World Outreach is to give honour and glory to God. Everything else is secondary to this prime priority.

There are compelling reasons why the Lord is worthy of honour. In the many references in Scripture to honouring God, we see that we should honour God because: everything belongs to him1; he reigns over all2; the whole earth is full of his glory3; he is glorious and powerfully great4; he is holy5; he does marvellous things that were planned long ago6; he is Creator of all things7; he sits on the eternal throne forever and ever8; and, as the slain Lamb, Jesus is worthy of all honour9.

How do we honour God in practice? We honour God by loving him with all our heart10. If we are to love him wholeheartedly, our lives must be fully devoted and consecrated to him and his service11. If our hearts and lives are fully his, we will obey his words and commands12, and make it our goal to please him13. If we love, serve and obey him, we will worship him acceptably from our hearts with reverential awe as the eternal King,
whose Kingdom will know no end14.

Putting all this together, to truly honour God we must love him with all our heart, consecrate our lives fully to him, live solely for him, obey him and his word, please him, fulfil our God-given purpose, revere and worship him.

May we all bring honour to God in the year ahead,


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