Changing perspectives in Kairos.

Youth Kairos changing perspectives

THE YOUTH KAIROS course, currently undergoing a trial at our centre in the Philippines, is looking good! Bambi Cataluña (our youth mobiliser) and her team have done a great job! With about 35% of the Philippines population (of almost 100 million) under the age of 15 and huge numbers of these young people coming to Christ, youth Kairos has huge potential. This is not to mention the sixty plus other countries of the world where the standard Kairos course is currently being conducted!

At the conclusion of a youth Kairos, a young person commented, “It changed my whole perspective on life, my understanding of God and what I could do, in my lifetime, for God’s kingdom.”

Imagine, if, in the formative years of their Christian walk, all young people caught the truth that they have been: saved to serve; blessed to be a blessing; and saved by grace for works that God has prepared in advance for them to do (Eph 2:10).

Don’t just imagine! Pray for the success of the youth Kairos!

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