Your Pathways To The Nations

In Romans 15:20, Paul writes: “It has always been my ambition to preach the Gospel where Christ was not known.” Do you already share his passion? Or are you just starting to explore possibilities? World Outreach International has programmes designed to help you find or clarify your calling, and navigate the challenging path from home to mission field.

kairos-logo-pathwaysKAIROS: If you are new to missions, consider taking the Kairos course. Kairos is an excellent introduction to and overview of the world of missions. READ MORE.

Ekballo-logo-pathwaysTHE EKBALLO CHALLENGE: If you’d like a small glimpse of what it’s like to be a frontier missionary, come along on an Ekballo Challenge trip (world-outreach.com/ekballo). This seven to ten-day experience is bound to challenge your thinking and change you for life! WOI also has various short-term exposure trips to Africa and Asia. READ MORE.

INTERNSHIP: If you are ready for a longer commitment, you could join an existing ministry for three months or longer. WOI has many opportunities to serve – have a look HERE or see available internships HERE.

AMT-Logo-pathwaysALPHA MISSION TEAMS: Perhaps you wish to be part of a cutting-edge frontline pioneering ministry to reach those who have never had an opportunity to hear the Gospel? If you are ready to take up your cross for two years, serving on an Alpha Mission Team may be just the thing. An AMT is a practical on-field two-year missionary training programme, where you will be doing the actual frontline work of missions, guided and trained by an experienced missionary. You will live with the people, learn the language and have the opportunity to introduce them to Jesus. Once you have completed Alpha, you will be well prepared for a lifetime of ministry. READ MORE.

MAP: If you plan to serve for two years or more, we can assign an experienced missionary mentor to counsel and advise you as you prepare for the field. READ MORE.

Nations-logo-pathwaysTHE NATIONS COURSE: For everyone planning to serve for a year or more, the six-week Nations Course will help boost you into productive ministry. It is a powerful and popular course, taught by experienced missionaries. READ MORE.

By Henry V
Henry and his wife, Betsy are focussed on developing more effective kingdom workers. This involves training and developing various programmes.

Your Pathway to the Nations from World Outreach International on Vimeo.

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