Yin San Win (left) is now praying for her husband to find Christ.

Worshipping the creator

YIN SAN WIN was raised as a devout Buddhist in a strong Mon family. As a result, she had never heard about the Living God, Jesus, or even the word ‘Christianity’. She devoted herself to the teaching of Buddha, even though she did not know much about the religion.

When the missionary from Pattamya Christian Church came to her village, Yin San Win became friends with his family because his wife was a close relative. They shared with her about God, the Creator, and His salvation through Jesus and she decided to accept Him as her personal Saviour and Lord.

Now Yin San Win’s life has changed. She says, “I once was lost in religion and worshipped the creature, but I have found the Creator, Who has become my Master. Please pray for my husband to become a worshiper of our Creator too.”

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