Children from many ethnic backgrounds in a Dutch neighbourhood.

The world’s biggest mission-feild

EUROPE IS THE BIGGEST mission field in the world today! Floods of refugees are streaming into every country. In The Netherlands, immigrants from 14 unreached people groups comprise about 5% of the population—almost 140,000 people.

A Dutch friend with a passion to encourage believers to share their lives and the Gospel with Muslims shared this story with me:

One man from Saudi Arabia was from a rich family, was well educated and successful, but was depressed. One night he drove into the desert to end his life. He spent the night in a tent with a pistol under his pillow. That night he dreamed of someone speaking gently to him. In the morning, his pistol had disappeared. He took it as a sign that his life was about to change. Soon after, he met someone who shared the Gospel with him.

Another story comes from a young Iranian man living in Belgium:

While visiting Turkey, he heard worship music and the Gospel and he gave his heart to the Lord. God led him to Belgium, where he is enthusiastically outworking his faith. For three years he was involved in worship ministry, and is now part of a music group spreading the Gospel by performing in cafés, churches, to the homeless in a metro station and at a refugee centre. He started a home group to invite people off the street, neighbours and families in need to come and fellowship and build friendships. Some months ago, he studied the Kairos course in Brussels. He relished the challenge to grapple with God’s purposes, and how to apply that to the church and the world around him. He writes, “Kairos is a course to look at our world from God’s perspective and to see the whole church mobilised for cross-cultural mission to the world’s Least Reached Peoples. I was very excited to learn more about cross-cultural missions, reaching out to different cultures and praying for other ethnic groups.”

There are no countries closed to God! He reveals Himself to all who call out sincerely to Him from their hearts. Most Muslim-background-believers come to faith in Christ through a relationship with a Christian, and even those who experience dreams or visions of Jesus are in due time lead to connect with believers.

The number of Evangelical Christians in Europe is roughly the same as the number of Muslims in Europe. What if every Christian reached out to one Muslim?
Through the Kairos course, local churches and believers are mobilised to reach out with the Gospel and to mobilise others to do the same. Our particular focus in Europe is to launch Kairos in new countries and train up local leaders to run the course themselves. We must pass the baton on!


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    9th February 2021

    This is amazing. I would like to know more about Kairos. Thanks

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    Kay Weavers
    6th March 2021

    Hi Remmy, I would love to help you find out about Kairos course in your area. Please tell me where you are in the world, and I will get you connected to the nearest team running the course.

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