The World Outreach International Triennial Summit 2018

In late July/early August (2018), more than 320 WOI personnel, their families, friends, and guests gathered from around the world for WOI’s triennial summit. This significant and special event was held in the northern Thai city of Chiang Mai.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • There was a palpable sense of family, connection, and community among the missionaries and guests.
  • The outstanding quality and depth of the Bible preaching from Doug Williams (Walthamstow, UK) greatly nourished and challenged people’s lives.
  • Enzo Maisano’s session on overcoming despair, in which he transparently shared his and his wife’s journey with their drug-addicted son, deeply touched many lives.
  • International Director Bruce Hills shared that WOI has a mission force of 240 expatriate missionaries along with 360 indigenous leaders from 30 nations, serving in 70 countries, with 9 offices around the world, engaged with 150 least-reached people groups.


  • During the times of worship and in the times of response to the preaching, the Holy Spirit ministered to people’s lives, bringing great renewal, strength, and comfort.
  • The reports from what the Lord is doing on the field inspired people and helped the listeners to grasp something of the scale of what God is doing through WOI missionaries.
  • Prophetic minister Alex Larsen tirelessly and sacrificially spent hours each day praying and prophesying over hundreds of lives. Many people were encouraged by the accuracy and impact of his ministry.
  • On the final morning of the summit, everyone joined in a united time of prayer, and people cried out with one voice for requests pertaining to the work of missions.
  • A segment was held to honour nine missionaries who’d clocked over twenty years of service in WOI since the last summit. They join a further 26 who’d been honoured in previous gatherings.
  • Part of the focus on honour was a moving tribute to thirteen of WOI’s personnel, who have either retired or moved out of key leadership roles since the last summit. These people, which included Peter and Bev van der Westhuyzen, Rod and Lynley Talbot, Lorraine Dierck, and Val Bateup, have served WOI (as an organisation) with distinction, above and beyond the call.
  • Finally, the whole summit ended with a resounding sense of excitement about the momentum and trajectory of WOI and expectation of so much more to come.


Here are some of the responses from those who attended:

  • “I have been with WOI for nineteen years, and have gone to many summits – and this one was the best by far!”
  • “I have loved each summit totally. And this one exceeded all of them. It was the best I’ve ever attended. Thanks!”
  • “What a great summit for the whole family! Our kids really enjoyed the children’s and youth programmes.”
  • “My highlight was seeing our veterans being honoured for their years of service on the field. It made me feel like WOI is a big family and I am the ‘grandkid’ in it!” (from a sixteen-year-old missionary kid)


  • “Very well organised, excellent speakers, great programme, awesome presence of God.”
  • “Amazing food, lovely conference gifts, I LOVED it that we prayed for the missionary’s kids.”
  • “I was overwhelmed by the sense of family.”
  • “I appreciated how vulnerable and open everyone is to share their experiences.”
  • “The prophetic word (from Alex Larsen) was so spot on … it was scary … but it was so cool!”
  • “My kids will remember for the rest of their lives that people cared enough for them to take them ice skating.”
  • “It was great to hear all the ministry testimonies – life giving and encouraging.”
  • “We just loved hearing the field testimonies. They were so inspiring.”


To download the messages from the summit, please click here.

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