World Outreach Asia Ladies Retreat

“My heart was full and overflowing,” reported Pamela after our World Outreach Asia Ladies’ Retreat, where space was created for rest, worship, and teaching.

Guest speaker Vivien Hibbert started the first night off with praying for the favour of the Lord on all the women. What an incredible start to our retreat! Vivien came with honour for the Lord and brought profound truths from Scripture. She also contributed to our worship times with special instrumentation and insight. Prasert agreed, “I loved the worship and Vivien Hibbert. She is an amazing lady!”

Nok shared her testimony about longing to live a Spirit-empowered life and is now living like the apostles of Acts. We all joined her in awestruck wonder of God shouting “Wow! Wow! Wow!” Charlotte Teal spoke on “The Sacred Yes”, which encouraged many of us to live more holistic lives.

But what was also incredible, and very meaningful to all the women, was the support and prayers of a partner church based in the USA. For weeks, they prayed for each and every one of the attendees. Three to four words of encouragement were given to each woman via letters and cards. Jeh Sie was especially looking forward to receiving these letters again, as they were a highlight for her three years ago, “I was looking forward to a fresh word from the Lord. Sure enough, this year God blessed me with four cards, and they really spoke to my heart. They were really spot on. Praise the Lord!”

Not only did this church take the time to write these kind words, but they also sent gifts of chocolate, make-up, jewellery, music, and more. Menuo commented, “I was really blessed by the whole retreat. The schedule was so relaxing too; the extras were so thoughtful.”

How incredible it is when the body of Christ comes together to support missionaries! How might your church partner with World Outreach International?

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