Prasert with Lamyai and Muu.

At work

PAAN (AGE 43) has been attending our weekly English course for two months. One day our friend Lek joined us. Paan was interested in how Lek had become a Christian, so Lek shared her story. Paan immediately decided to believe. She said she had wanted to be a Christian ever since university but no one had ever told her how! Later that day Lek shared the Gospel with and prayed for a family who lives across the alley from us. Lamyai and Muu, a mother and daughter, said they could feel something powerful moving over them as Lek prayed. They soon made the decision to believe. Later, Lamyai’s mother decided to believe too! They asked God to help with an impossible situation: they wanted a space for a food stand at a prestigious food court. Two days later, the food court decided not to charge them any deposit fee and allowed them to start immediately. During our next visit, Lamyai’s husband and Muu’s husband both gave their lives to Christ. God is at work in this community!

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