Deborah and Myriam

The work expands

LAST YEAR SAW the ministry of O Bom Samaritano with 185 healthcare workers involved in our 39 healthcare houses now established in four districts. Our records show that 35,462 villagers have received various treatments and over 727 babies and orphans receive food from our programmes daily.

The Word of God goes hand in hand with our humanitarian work. Many of our workers and patients have become followers of Jesus Christ and been water baptised. The power of God has seen many set free from evil spirits.

Deborah Grauer and I will soon relocate to another area considered the ‘heartbeat’ of the Macua Nahara people. We plan to establish more healthcare centres in order to help local villagers who have no access to medical care. It is a new and exciting challenge, one for which we are believing the Holy Spirit to go before us and give us immediate favour within the new Muslim communities as we demonstrate the love of Jesus among them. Please pray for us.

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