Words of Truth

Aung grew up in a family with divided religious loyalties. His father was a staunch Buddhist leader in their community, while his mother was a devoted Christian. Aung’s mother was a prayer warrior who for 26 years prayed for her husband’s conversion. Aung himself remained uninterested in becoming a Christian, even when his father and elder brother eventually gave their lives to Jesus Christ. His father and brother joined his mother in praying for his salvation. This year I had the joy of leading Aung to Christ and seeing him water baptised.

Aung is a university graduate and businessman. He has also been equipped so he can share the Gospel wherever opportunities are presented. He says, “I heard via my mother that one day the earth I’m living on will disappear. After a while I became concerned that I did not know what would happen to me after death. I tried to be good, but struggled. When hearing via my family that we are saved by Grace (Ephesians 2:8-9), I was keen to know more, so started to read the Bible. In doing so I soon came to realise that the words I was reading were words of truth, and I finally asked Jesus Christ to become my Lord and Saviour. Today I have chosen to serve and make Him my number one reason for living.”

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