A woman healed, hallelujah!

MRS KUMARI had suffered for two years from severe bleeding. She had visited several doctors and tried many medications but nothing seemed to help. The doctors just couldn’t figure out what was causing her condition. Her family was Hindu but their religion didn’t offer her much help either – or comfort.

One day her bleeding was so bad that she feared she would die. She didn’t tell her husband or her in-laws because she was afraid that they would send her back to her parents. She did, however, tell one of her children to travel to our Pastor Zechariah’s home and ask for help. Pastor’s wife hurried to Mrs Kumari’s house and prayed over her. Our church congregation continued to pray for her for a month.

Today, Mrs Kumari is healed and her family attends our church regularly. Please pray that they will continue to grow in Christ and choose to be baptised.

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