Will you pray for France?

France has a rich spiritual heritage, but now more than 30% of French citizens are atheist. Full-time occult practitioners (50,000) easily outnumber full-time Christian workers.

Many Christians in France committed themselves for 40 days of Lent to call for this nation to turn back to God – and there are signs of a growing hunger for reality. Will you pray for France? Pray for mobilisation of French and African believers to reach out to the Least Reached Peoples in every town and city. French and Francophone Africans are currently working on the translation of Kairos.

Would you consider moving to Paris? You could join Helen, who is making a difference to a people group who are 99.9% Muslim. The ‘S’ people are migrants from Mali, Gambia, Senegal, and other areas of West Africa. Maybe 500,000 live in Paris and there are no known believers among them. Having lived in West Africa and learned the language, Helen moved to Paris, where she bumped into S people everywhere!

The SIL (Wycliffe) team in Mali produced booklets for these people, which included portions from the Old and New Testaments. Helen writes, ‘There is great enthusiasm for these [booklets] among the S community here. Only a few know how to read or write in their language and many aren’t even aware that it is possible to do so! I was invited onto the S radio show and now have contact with a group which meets each Sunday afternoon to learn about reading and writing the S language.’ Pray for God to bring revelation through these booklets and the radio show!

  • Less than 1% of the people  in France are evangelical Christians.
  • 33% people groups in France are unreached.
  • Church attendance in France  is amongst the lowest in Europe.
  • 80% of the people in France have never owned or even seen a Bible.
  • 10% of the people in France are Muslim – the highest percentage of any European country.

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