Tamoli kids.

What will they be like in 15 years?

IN 1998, we rented an apartment overlooking a primary school in Angoche. Our singing created a disturbance in the classes and many children made their way to our kids’ meetings. In time, the Lord challenged us to move away from children’s ministry to focus on the adults who could become leaders. Yet we still often stay in that apartment and I’ve often wondered about those children we touched in those early visits.

Last month, a young man came into one of our meetings and immediately responded to the Lord. Afterwards, he told me that when he was in grade 2, he had come to those meetings, learned about the Lord and still remembered the songs. He had been looking for a way to reconnect with us and with the Lord and found out that his cousin was one of our leaders. At last, 15 years later, he was back!

Those children you are touching? What will they be like in 15 years’ time?

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