You’ve chosen to serve in God’s great mission, but do you need to go with an organisation like World Outreach? There are many benefits to doing so.

World Outreach…

  • endorses an application, which affirms the call of God on one’s life.
  • helps prepare people for short, medium, and long-term ministry.
  • helps applicants locate the field/region where their ministry can be most effective.
  • helps mobilise prayer partners and special or emergency prayer.
  • guides people as they raise ministry funding.
  • helps obtain resident visas.
  • helps people develop strategic ministry plans with measurable goals.
  • helps find ministry partners for field workers’ projects and programmes.
  • helps publicise the ministry and mobilises prayer partners and finance through magazine publication and website.
  • helps supplement costs for attending WO retreats / summits / consultations.
  • provides effective, relevant pre-field or on-field cross-cultural training.
  • provides field workers with up-skilling opportunities.
  • provides opportunity for training and learning new ministry models.
  • provides an annual visit from a WO leader relating to the agreed-upon ministry plan.
  • provides ongoing member care and an annual visit by a designated member-care provider.
  • provides opportunities to attend regional retreats for fellowship and ministry input.
  • lends its country office infrastructure to assist with monthly finances.
  • relates closely with (home) sending church and advocates for mission partners when necessary.
  • has emergency funds and personnel available to assist in a crisis.

Your Pathway To The Nations

World Outreach has various programmes designed to help prospective missionaries find their calling and navigate the challenging path from home to mission field. Once they are there, WO works to help them flourish in their ministry. Whether you wish to join an existing ministry, start a new ministry, or become part of a pioneering team, WO offers components to make up the ideal pathway for you.

Ready to take the plunge?

Contact us to discuss your experience and desire to serve, so we can help you take the next step.

Not sure where to start?

Talk to us and we can help guide you in the right direction.