Children praying

When all they have is literature

OVER A MILLION Thai children have received our booklets and over 100,000 have done our correspondence lessons. These stories from two of our members show how much God is doing through this literature and your prayers.

PRADIT: I saw your booklet as a boy of 10. I did your lessons for two years and then decided to follow Jesus. I wanted to go to church but my parents said I’d have to leave home if I did that. I knew I was too young, so for six years I grew closer to Jesus just through your lessons. When I was 18 I got a job. That week I went to church. My parents made me leave home so I rented a room and I’ve been at my church since then.

SOPANEE: I began your lessons as a girl of 10. After three years I managed to get to church one day. My father was so angry he tried to attack me. For three months I wasn’t allowed home. I missed my family but I knew Jesus was with me and He was real. I still kept doing your lessons. After I went home I wasn’t allowed to talk about Jesus so I didn’t. But still others in my village wanted to know Him because they saw I was no longer afraid of evil spirits. Now, many years later, most of my village knows Jesus.

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