Wedding celebrations

IT IS A RARITY in Mozambique to have any legal document stating that you are married. Many folk here do not even know when they were born and don’t have a birth certificate or ID documents to prove they even exist. So who cares about a marriage certificate? Many mothers have up to five children or more and each one will have a different father. Relationships are very loose and commitment is a rare gem.

Each year Acts Church has a special marriage seminar. In order to enter, couples must provide their marriage certificate. They have encouraging teachings, good food and at our most recent one we had Holy Ghost revival. At the end God was saying that marriage is a dance with each other and keeping in step together is very important. The next thing the music was turned up and everyone was having a glorious time dancing with their spouses. It was very special and a huge encouragement to all. You have to live here to appreciate how amazing it really was!

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