Eugene with new leaders in the faith

Watching God at work

RECENTLY WE HOSTED a short-term mission team from South Africa. Signs and wonders were manifested in wonderful ways, a host of children touched, people delivered from demons, new commitments to Christ and the visitors themselves returning home with a brand new, sharper view of missions. Those who work in commerce and industry would call it a “win-win situation”. We just call it, “watching God at work”.

This was followed by another whirlwind of long drives on horrendous roads. We watched a couple of our students from the leadership development programme graduate. They will move on to take up the call of God, to plant churches and develop other Mozambican leaders.

One of my sons in the faith has planted his very own leadership development school. Paul had Timothy – I have a Tomás (without the doubt). Our heartfelt thank you Jesus.

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