Untouchables Touching Others with the Gospel

Across India, there is an ethnic group that is lost, forgotten, neglected, and ostracised. The “untouchables” live with this pain, insult, and humiliation all their lives. Their efforts to find answers to life have taken them even further from society.  

Praise be to God that the message of eternal life through Christ has begun to make its way into this community. The Lord put it in our hearts to serve this neglected community, and we are experiencing a breakthrough. 

The untouchable Gypsy men are reaching their own generation with the Gospel. Today, through the Gypsy indigenous movement, the Lord has enabled us to plant six churches among them.  In one church more than 1,000 Gypsies are coming together to worship the Lord every week. It seems like the Gypsy men are preparing the way for the Gospel among their own people.  

Just recently, a group of Gypsies has bought land on which to build their own worship centre. They no longer need to travel like nomads. I asked them, “Why have you stopped traveling now?” A Gypsy man replied, “We are tired of traveling and have finally found rest, joy, peace, and freedom in the Lord.  We can’t wait to see our own place of worship to be built.” Now this untouchable community is touching their own generation with the Gospel.

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