The girls ceremony.

The unimaginable becomes reality

WHEN I FIRST SHARED God’s plan for marriage, that one man marry one woman and they stay faithful for life, our island people laughed! Such a thing was unimaginable. When girls reach puberty, they go through a ceremony that changes nice kids into voluptuous women. After that, they have many, many partners.
Since the Gospel has entered, however, the unimaginable has become reality and hundreds of de facto couples have married before the Lord. When people repent of their sins, after a little while they get married.

At the same time, we hadn’t seen any change among the single girls; our town youth group was almost entirely young men; the girls struggled to follow Jesus. But in the last two years, we have made drastic changes in the “virgins’ ceremony” and have been making a way for our younger girls to choose to walk in purity.
Now for the first time, we have wonderful godly girls who have completed the ceremony and are waiting well for the young man God has prepared. Young men are presenting to us the girl they believe God has prepared for them. They are walking in the light – and several “first-time” weddings are scheduled in the next few months.

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