An unexpected turn

RAJA, A STRONG HINDU, was able to put 20 people at a time into a trance. Yet he was frustrated that he could not put himself into one. His Hindu priests told him that his ‘sins’ were preventing him from entrancing himself.

Desiring freedom from his ‘sinfulness,’ Raja asked a Hindu priest what to do. The priest told him to visit the Christians, because they knew how to get rid of ‘sinfulness.’ During an altar call Raja went forward to ‘have his sins taken away’. He fell down under the power of the Holy Spirit and had an incredible encounter with God. Believing his sins were gone, but not fully understanding what had happened to him, he went back to the temple. The Hindu priest said, “The God in you is bigger than all our gods. You will not be able to go into a trance now”.

Raja is now serving the Lord full-time as a pastor. God is at work, reaching people in unexpected ways.

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