umaporn with her mother and baby

Umaporn’s story

WHEN UMAPORN’S DAUGHTER was only two months old, she started being bothered by evil spirits every Buddhist holy day. Once a week, the baby would start crying at 6pm and continue for 4–5 hours.

Umaporn went to the famous temples and went through rituals to drive the spirits away. She hung a red cloth as a sacrifice “to appease” the spirits as advised by the monks but it was to no avail.

When she heard about Jesus, she decided to believe because she learned that Jesus is the real God who is alive. She prayed and blessed her baby and her house. On the next Buddhist holy day, her baby was calm and at peace.

Umaporn shared this experience with her mother and was able to lead her to the Lord. Her mother used to have trouble sleeping but since accepting Jesus, she has slept peacefully every night. Umaporn’s father noticed the difference in his wife and he too came to know the Lord.

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