Darren on his not-so-typical ministry trip

Not a typical ministry trip

MY MOST RECENT TRIP with a fellow Kingdom Multiplication Movement team member was to different Himalayan nations and a trip I will long remember. I experienced isolated, harsh and oppressed environments-both naturally and spiritually-in order to get among Least Reached Peoples. Within a few days I went from sea level (and 45˚C) to above 5400 meters with temperatures minus 30˚C, where the world’s highest towns and villages are located.

I started the trip in good health but along the way experienced altitude sickness, nosebleeds, headaches, loss of taste, vomiting, diarrhoea and from time to time needed to use oxygen tanks for recovery. Accommodations went from reasonably comfortable budget hotels to cold concrete block village homes with no heating, regular power cuts and long-drop toilets. I went from friendly touristy areas to elevated towns and villages where the watchful eye of security cameras, plain-clothed policemen and numerous passport checkpoints in politically sensitive and restricted strongholds restricted one’s movements.

While I saw the Lord do many wonderful healing miracles as we prayed for people, I too had a miracle.

My passport was stolen on a flight and I had to spend 10 hours standing in an airport transit area with grumpy immigration officers who wanted to deport me. This would mean that all the visas for different countries I had spent weeks in obtaining would be lost and I would need to reapply back in my home country. I asked the Lord to perform a miracle – I needed one badly. While waiting, I texted a few prayer warrior friends about my predicament. The hours went by and just as the authorities were about to put me on a plane and deport me, an airline official came and presented me with my passport saying it had been found in another part of the country! Phew! Thank you Jesus!

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