Marie and Bernard with the mother whose child was raised to life (centre)

He turns mourning into dancing

BERNARD AND HIS WIFE Marie host a prayer meeting in their home in Zongo every Monday and Wednesday evening, and sometimes they have all night prayer meetings on Fridays. They live in a densely populated area where most people live in houses built out of mud bricks; they themselves have neither electricity nor running water. Disease is rampant and poverty is rife – which means that many people come to the prayer meetings, desperately trusting God for a miracle.

One Monday evening, a young mother brought her sick son for prayer. During the meeting, her son died and she started to cry uncontrollably. Bernard and the rest of the intercessors began to pray whilst unbelieving neighbours mocked them. One was heard saying, “See, the mother brought her sick son for healing and instead he dies!” This stirred up the faith of the intercessors, who called on the name of Jesus, declaring that He be glorified in this situation.

After an hour of desperate prayers, God showed up and showed off. He resurrected the dead child, sparking an eruption of spontaneous praise and worship, singing, dancing and loud declarations of the goodness of God. In the end, even the unbelievers joined in the dancing.

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