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The mission of Trinity Leadership Products is to Empower Christian Leaders to achieve their individual God–given vision.

They seek to accomplish this through their:

  • One-day seminar on the Book of Revelation. This seminar explores the chronological events in the Book of Revelation. The main focus of this seminar is on the blessed hope and assurance we have in Jesus Christ and the importance of sharing the gospel.
  • Workshop on the Art of Preaching provides practical exercises for attendees to use the expository method of preaching to develop a title for the passage, break down the passage into three divisions identifying the main message and application of each division.
  • Workshop on Strategic Leadership Planning that assists churches to formulate and implement strategies and align the capabilities of the organisation, its human and physical resources, to meet the organisation’s mission, vision and objectives.
  • Leadership seminars: All our seminars are filled with real life stories and illustrations dealing with the intricacies of leading an organization. Each leadership seminar covers a range of practical skills and is designed to assist in the development of leadership ability within each area covered. Since 2001 we have conducted leadership seminars in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, England, Germany, and Uganda.
  • First Love Discipleship Series: This series is written in a simple, easy-to-follow style with key points given to enhance both personal study and group discussions, and is filled with real life stories and illustrations which bring the Scriptures alive. The series has been used by churches in Australia, Canada and Ireland, and is designed for believers of all age groups and all experiences.
  • Leadership books: These books are also filled with real life stories and illustrations dealing with the intricacies of leading an organisation through transformational change, growing and developing future leaders, strategic leadership and leadership-as-a-partnership.

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