John LeRoy

A tribute to one of God’s general

AFTER A 10-week battle with an aggressive form of cancer, World Outreach International missionary, John LeRoy, passed away in Sydney, Australia in December last year.

JOHN AND WIFE YOLANDE served with WOI in the Indonesian province of West Kalimantan for more than 20 years. They were the directors of New Hope Ministries, a mission work for Dayak tribal children that offered village children an opportunity to receive education, care and life skills training. Over the years, hundreds of children have benefited hugely from this ministry, where they also came to love, know and follow Jesus Christ. John and Yolande took much delight in helping disciple the children in their walk with the Lord.

John was a visionary, a pioneer, an entrepreneur, a builder and a hard worker. He and Yolande grew a small village out of the jungle. John did not tolerate nonsense, particularly with local authorities who were well known for creating bureaucratic road blocks. At the same time he was culturally sensitive and knew when to be patient.

John was a big man with a soft heart. On his first exploratory visit to the Dayaks, he found himself crying for the people. This sealed his call to reach and serve the Dayak people.

John’s smile, enthusiasm, sense of humour and love for the Dayak will be greatly missed; nevertheless the work and legacy of John and Yolande at New Hope Ministries continues with more than 170 tribal children presently in residence. The WOI leadership is working closely with New Hope Ministries partners and supporters regarding the future development of the work. Please pray for this ministry.

John is survived by his precious wife Yolande (who now lives with family in Sydney, Australia), three grown adult children and eleven grandchildren

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