Transforming Grace: The Power of Impartation

The more I travel, the more I conclude that there is no lack of leadership training and teaching materials in the developing world. In an age of online learning, more people than ever have access to books, courses and conferences.
We are not lacking in information. What we lack is impartation.
This is why one of the most important distinctives of the Leader of Leaders Course is the focus on generational leadership (2 Tim 2:2).
Much of today’s leadership training is focussed on self-development and personal advancement. Yet, biblically, leadership is to be passed from one generation to another in multiplying circles. We pass on not only principles of leadership, but our experience and lessons we have learned from generations before us of the grace of God redeeming even our hurts and apparent failures for His glory.
On our recent trip to Sri Lanka, I witnessed first-hand the power of impartation over information. While teaching I felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to share my own testimony of how God has redeemed a broken, insecure young woman and is making my life a Trophy of Grace. In the final session we laid hands on every person attending, listening to the Holy Spirit as we prayed for them.
At the end of the seminar, several leaders stood to testify that prior to this course they believed that the shame and mistakes of their pasts were irrecoverable and life-determining. Yet each proclaimed that as I shared, and as we prayed over them, God spoke to them specifically and personally. They discovered grace – not as a theological concept, but as an empowering, healing reality. God has freed them to lead, and inspired them to identify, equip and release the generations after them.
This is the difference between information and impartation. Information does not transform; the Holy Spirit does. This is why we take time to lay hands on every person who attends a seminar. This is why we share our own testimonies, and stories of men and women of God who are used despite their failures and weaknesses. As we partner with the Holy Spirit, we find leaders all over the world willing to surrender their lives into the hands of a God whose grace is sufficient!

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    Chris Brittain
    20th September 2016

    Glory to God; yes indeed Karen information can only take us so far but we have a God who wants to transform us into his image Thanks for being willing to travel to these places & being available & surrendered to the Lord to heed his leading May much fruit continue as the leadership principles are devolved as per 2 Timothy 2:2

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