Training for Transformation

At the heart of the Leader of Leaders (LOL) training, which is our three-year programme aimed at developing the emerging generation, is the desire to mobilise and equip generations of leaders. The goal is not information, but transformation of whole cultures and ethne.
For this reason, the Leader of Leaders course does not end with the third year, but with the vital fourth year Train the Trainer (TTT) programme. This gathers delegates who have been to all three years of the LOL course, are living it out in their life and ministry, and show potential to teach and train others. TTT is focused specifically on equipping indigenous leaders to teach the LOL course within their own culture and surrounding people groups, in such a way that they will accelerate the growth of leaders and the transformation of their culture.
TTT is inherently practical. As trainers, we set the tone by having participants evaluate our teaching, in order to model a culture of receiving constructive criticism, and to establish the benefit of peer evaluation. By the end of the course, every participant will have taught a session and been peer evaluated. This is done under an “umbrella of grace”, in which all feedback must be honest, but deliberately life-giving.
When teaching, Jesus didn’t have a “one size fits all” approach, but modified His style and content for the context. Similarly, we encourage participants to adapt their teaching style and format for their own culture. The goal is to so thoroughly equip locals to teach and train that the presence of foreign trainers becomes unnecessary. Our desire is always that those we train would do “even greater things”.
Praise God, this is precisely what is happening, as delegates feel empowered to “go and do likewise”. Delegates from Sri Lanka and Kenya report that the impact on their teaching and ministry was immediate and profound, as they implemented the strategies they had learned. In February 2016, the Generation Bangladesh Team ran the LOL course. It was the first time the course has been run entirely by indigenous people for and within their own culture.
Glory to God! He is transforming nations!

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